How To Get My Baby / Child into Modelling

This is a blog post I have been wanting to write for ages long before I even had a photography blog. I have even more of a reason to write it now.

I get to photograph so many children all beautiful in their own unique ways. Parents often ask about getting their child/ren into modelling if they have particularly enjoyed the shoot, photographed well and taken direction easily.

The modelling industry is (in my opinion) such an amazing experience for both kids and parents. As a mum it got me out of the house when my son was 6 months old getting to meet exciting and interesting people. My son also now has a nice savings account.

My son Jacob has always been very sociable and an “easy” child. I put off signing him up to an agency for ages as I was worried about pushing him to do something he couldn’t tell me he didn’t want to do. After a little encouragement from a friend who has a daughter in the industry who might I add is doing extremely well I took the plunge.

Luckily knowing the industry fairly well I knew which agencies to send off images and statistics to however I see far too often parents falling into the trap of the “scam” agencies.

I think this post would be far too long if I covered everything so my plan is to break it down into a couple or even several different posts to cover different areas of the modelling industry. Of course please bear in mind this is my knowledge and opinions although I may get a few other people involved as well to share their stories.

I will not be writing anything about scam agencies in this post as (being completely honest) I am unsure on the legal front. All I will say is please research. Google is your best friend even typing in *model agency name* scam? Will bring up enough information to see what others have to say. It takes a minute to put an agency name into google to see what people have to say about it but saves you wasting time, money and disappointment.

You will find the industry is a real mix bag there are some lovely facebook groups and website forums that love to chat about the success or struggles of child modelling between them. The majority of people I have come across have been supportive and positive towards each other. There is always the minority that are unfortunately negative, critical, competitive and in all honesty a bit bitchy.

Below are some of the top agencies in the UK to get you started. I will do a more detailed post soon including things such as location, if there are joining fees, type of jobs they get etc.

Do take into account that there will be more agencies that aren’t included on this list and just because they aren’t on here doesn’t mean they are not a good agency. I have been asked so much recently about modelling agencies I just wanted to get a post out. After Christmas I will spend some time getting a full list together with all the details you need but for now here is a small list;

  • Bruce & Brown ( I can vouch for them personally as this is Jacobs agency).
  • Bonnie & Betty
  • Kids London
  • Grace and Galore
  • Tiny Angels
  • Urban Angels
  • Alphabet Kidz
  • Norrie Carr
  • Little All Stars
  • Model Me

So this is just a little introduction to the “How to get your child into modelling” series. Please feel free to comment below if you would like any information on agencies and I hope to see you soon for more posts. I plan to write a helpful guide to castings, images to send to agencies, getting jobs etc. Anything in particular you would like to see please do not hesitate to ask.

Please feel free to check out my facebook page –

Lots of Love

Jen x

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