In The Beginning – Starting My Photography Business

Hey Guys,

Following on from my last blog post I told you about my husband buying me a belated birthday pressie….. my first DSLR camera.

Before it even arrived I had spent the whole of one evening designing a logo for my new photography business.

Logo complete my DSLR arrived. I was so excited but also terrified to keep it near my son Jacob. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. I was heartbroken….. it’s broken. I text Jay at work and he told me to contact the person I bought it from.

Dear **** I am sorry to inform you but your camera will not focus, I can not get the camera to work properly. I know you wouldn’t of intentionally have sent me a broken camera.

I then decided it was probably a good idea to maybe read the manual. Only to find that my lens was set to automatic and the body was on Manual which is aparently a no no, doh! I managed to take my first in focus image woohoo we are back in business.

Luckily the seller was very lovely and understanding after I sent an apologetic email to explain I infact was the problem not the camera.

Drama over I began to take images imported them to my computer and was utterly disappointed these will definitely not do. I already had a couple of shoots lined up and knew I needed to have a trial run before.

I don’t want to embarrass myself with models or even friends with my poor skills what do I do? Rope my brother and his girlfriend in to shoot. We used my parents back garden and I got some fairly decent shots of them.

Things I learnt – shadows are not your friend.

A friend of mine who is also an incredible photographer and very generous with his time and knowledge had a look at some of the images for me and started giving me some tips in regards to ISO, shutter speed etc. I knew they were all connected and affected the overall image but if I am honest didn’t understand completely how or why. This information really helped and set me up for my next shoot.





A beach shoot in a 1950’s vintage style with a friend who also happens to be a beautiful burlesque dancer….

Jen x

JenJbPhotography Faceboook Page

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