My First Shoot With A Burlesque Babe – Starting My Photography Business

My first shoot, what do I need? Me, my camera? I must have checked that I had put the battery back in the camera after charging it atleast 10 times.

I picked my friend up who also happens to be a beautiful burlesque dancer – Brazen Bijoux.

We had discussed outfits and decided on doing 3 sets. We were heading to Southend On Sea seafront. Hoping to be able to access a beach hut. I had a few ideas in my head of what I wanted to achieve but wondered how I would cope with directing a friend or not being able to explain what I meant. Would it be awkward? What if the images were awful? The closer we got to the beach the more my tummy was knotting with excitement and nerves.

Arriving at our destination I was not prepared for the wind. My eyes were streaming, my hairband was flying off and I was thinking what have I let myself in for. Ok I was lucky to be shooting a friend but she was still giving up her Sunday afternoon to help me.

“Brazen” was fully prepared with styling and wardrobe. Once we had got over the initial high wind factor we were rolling. I was picking up foot corrections, directing arm and head lines. We were working as a team and I was loving it. I kept reminding myself to check the images and to check that I was on the right settings.

Luckily the sun didn’t change too drastically so I didn’t have to keep adjusting my camera settings. With my photographer friends information firmly placed in my head “keep the ISO low” I felt like a pro.

The shoot flew by. With three different outfit changes and some fabulous posing by the model I felt like the photoshoot had gone well.

When I got home I immediately uploaded the images to my laptop. I had about an hour left until my son went to bed so I played with him, bath, bedtime story our usual fun routine. I adore spending time with my little boy.

Bedtime done it was time to look at the images. I was so relieved. They are ok no actually some of these are good. It was my first shoot and I managed, sorry we managed to create some fun, professional looking images that were in focus…. hooray I can do this.

Upload in progress to facebook. I sat staring at my laptop again the knotted feeling in my tummy was back. Excited, nervous, terrified of putting my work out there for people to judge. The response that I received once I uploaded the pictures to my facebook page was amazing. I was over the moon to receive such positive and encouraging comments.

This was the start of something special I could feel it.

Jen Jb Photography xx

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