My Second Shoot With A Child Star – Starting My Photography Businesss

Next shoot on my list was with up and coming child model, actress, voice over artist Peyton Jowers. She has an extensive Resume at the old age of 5! To say I was little intimidated by this young lady is a slight understatement.

Peyton is a darling little girl. I picked her and her mum up and we drove to Hockley Woods. We had planned a couple of sets in advance. I wanted to create a fun shot with balloons so during the day I had popped along to my local Clintons to get 5 red balloons blown up with helium.

We decided to attempt some editorial images as it was something I had never done but also it was a style Peyton was needing for her portfolio so I was hoping to be able to provide that. It was great fun playing fairy princess models and snapping away as Peyton strutted round the woods. This little girl is made to be a star.

The other theme was “little girl lost in the woods”. I discussed this with Peytons mum before hand as I know it is quite an upsetting shoot for such a young girl. I love being creative and one of the things that photography allows me to do is explore different ideas. We decided on a white outfit and I asked for her bring a teddy with her as a prop.

If I could shoot this again now that I have learnt so much the images would be technically better however I LOVE them. And I was so proud of Peyton and I for managing to create these images. Everyone loved them and they got exactly what we were going for.

Watch this space Peyton has so many exciting projects coming up. You can follow her journey on her facebook page. We had so much fun and instantly bonded, probably because we both have such crazy imaginations. We exchanged imaginary autographs as we ended the shoot. I’m looking forward to shooting Peyton in the future.

I hope you enjoy the images and thank you as always for stopping by.

IMG_2789 IMG_2800 IMG_2755 IMG_2699 IMG_2617-2 IMG_2640 IMG_2648-2 IMG_2659 IMG_2680 IMG_2606-2 IMG_2740

Jen x

Jen Jb Photography Facebook Page

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